Standard Price List

Laptop Screen Replacement From £23.50
Laptop Keyboard Replacement From £13.50
Fitting of Laptop AC Adaptor Jack From £19.50
Desktop / Tower Power Supply Unit From £17.50
Hard Drive Replacement Fitting and Software Re installation From £25.00
Hard Drive Replacement Fitting / Drive Clone From £22.50
Memory Upgrade (RAM) From £12.50
Other Hardware Upgrade From £15.00
Motherboard Replacement From £50.00
Hard Drive Data Recovery From £35.00
Back-up From £17.50
General Junk Clean Up (No Infection) £21.00
Camera Memory Card Data Recovery From £27.50
Premises / Home Visit / System Set-up From £21.00        

System Infections *
   Virus, Worm or Trojan Removal **   From £30.00  
Other Malware or Spyware Removal ** From £30.00


NB. I do not charge for diagnosis apart from fuel costs, no charge for diagnosis if the unit is brought to me.  No Repair No Fee


* Signs of infection include one or more of the following:  
Internet pages taking a long time to load.
Internet Homepage hijacked or unexpectedly changed.
Search box changed without permission.
Lots of pop-ups whilst surfing the Internet.
Your computer seeming like it’s overworking while you are connected to the internet.
Your system performance is slower than normal  

** Includes Junk Cleanup
Recoveries are dependent on the severity of the corruption of the media so, in some cases, recovery is not possible.

Prices above do not  include any parts or media.